Daniela Medina Poch ■

A Picture with a Latina

A Picture with a Latina Video performance and pictures Screen 50 x 38.95cm or larger Pictures A5 (14.8 X 21 x 10cm) Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2016
EXHIBITED AT FLORA Ars+Natura Open Studios 2018 Bogotá 2018

"Latina" is an identity denomination for Latin American women used by non-Latin Americans, I found the need to ask a random audience in Amsterdam what connotations they saw related to the term. A Picture with a Latina is a performative investigation into the understanding of "Latina", an often sexualized term, demarcated by the exoticism that exists from the first world to the third world. By capitalizing on my cultural identity, through an informal business, a very common type of commerce in Latin America, I reproduce some of the ideas associated with the term, with the intention of ridiculing them.

A Picture with a Latina attempts to problematize and complicate the term 'Latina' in the context of Amsterdam, The Netherlands and to investigate the social construct of identity, as a negotiation between the endogenous and the exogenous.

A Picture With A Latina A Picture With A Latina A Picture With A Latina

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