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Amphibious City | Intervention #1

Amphibious City Intervention #1 In collaboration with Juan Pablo García Sossa Río Arzobispo, 41st Street between 12th and 13th Avenue
Bogotá, Colombia.

Bogotá used to be an amphibious city. With important rivers and wetlands, it contained several paths for the water that originated from the hillsides where local communities lived. Three rivers dominated the landscape: the Vicachá or San Francisco River, the Fucha River and the Arzobispo River. Part of the colonial process consisted in drying up and controlling these to build cities in the flat surface of the city. Nowadays there is a great environmental and social problem that lies in the progressive neglection of these channels, now understood as dirty and forgotten pipes.

Amphibious City is an action which consists of flipping and turning one of the benches that is located next to the Arzobispo River, so that instead of turning our back on it, one can face it. It is a permanent installation.

Amphibious City Intervention#1 Amphibious City Intervention#1 Amphibious City Intervention#1 Amphibious City Intervention#1

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