Daniela Medina Poch ■

Cuerpo Colectivo

Cuerpo Colectivo Video performance 4'19 Video and images with diverse dimensions Madrid, Spain 2021
Exhibited at Follow the Dust Art at a Time Like This Curated by Clara Bolivar

An Ubuntu principle says, "I am because we are". Formed from the gathering of particles from diverse bodies, then disseminated through other bodies, dust is reminiscent of interdependence and plurality.

From the dust that travels through the Sahara desert taking nutrients from Lake Chad and fertilizing the soils of the Amazon, to the viral particles that have surrounded the planet, calling into question our current lifestyles, the interdependence between the human and the non-human is a fundamental and urgent principle. Interdependence defies national and social boundaries and reminds us that, like dust, we are tiny particles of a collective body.

Cuerpo Colectivo
Cuerpo Colectivo Cuerpo Colectivo Cuerpo Colectivo Cuerpo Colectivo

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