Daniela Medina Poch ■

Fictions / Facts

Fictions / Facts Intervention in Façade Façade Haus der Statistik, Berlin, 2022

Fictions / Facts is a public space intervention that attempts to make visible the board spectrum of narratives and angles there are present to interpret realities. By triggering multiple combinations of prefixes, the installation aims at stretching subjectivities and defying ‘the certainty’ of a static or singular one, defying thus, the idea of an hegemonic narrative.

The windows to the right function as a slate or board which is filled up with prefixes, ordered in alphabetical order. The last window to the left reveals the noun which gets to be combined with all these prefixes. In this way, ‘narratives’ in plural, becomes a set of possibilities that can be stretched, challenged, opposed, reaffirmed, enlarged or mirrored.

Fictions / Facts is a site specific intervention inspired by Anticristos Counter conspiracies, Issue 19 of Arts of the Working Class that was developed on the facade of Haus B, Haus Der Statistik in February, 2022

Fictions / Facts Fictions / Facts Fictions / Facts Fictions / Facts
Fictions / Facts Fictions / Facts Fictions / Facts

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