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Made In

Made In

Made In In collaboration with Arnau Brell, Marc Gómez, Marina Solé, Berta Vila Installation-happening Barcelona April 24, 2015

Before globalization in Barcelona existed a relevant textile industry that got broke because it was replaced by the victory of capitalism that centralized the new textile industries between Asia and Africa, mainly. As a result of this new order, in Barcelona there were left a lot of empty industrial buildings. Fabra i Coats is one of the vestiges of these textile factories which is located in the neighborhood of Sant Andreu, a popular neighborhood and even more so in the context of the local crisis of 2009-2014.
Using this context as a starting point, MADE IN refers to the people that are currently exposed to labor exploitation in the present textile industry and to the indifference that exists from the Western consuming world towards the subject, who never knows where their everyday clothes is MADE IN.

MADE IN is a collective happening that allows people from the West to experience a fragment of these conditions and thus reflect about their consumerism. The participants of the action were residents of the neighborhood who came voluntarily to perform a paid activity. They faced conditions and an amount paid was very precarious.
The event reproduced the following aspects:

1. Misleading advertisin
2. Confused and codified contracts
3. Standardization and numbering of employees
4. Working pressure and unexplained dismissal of employees
5. Payment of 5 euro cents per hour of work, which was equivalent to the hourly payment in Pakistan, 2014

Made In Made In Made In Made In

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