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Metaprotesting Video in loop and installation Amsterdam, 2016 ArteCámara Perforartnet ARTBO 2018

Metaprotesting is an installation which includes a video performance of a one person protest for the lack of protests, the protest sign and other new cardboards which can be used . When exhibited, it contains a repetitive melody of protest, which aims to be transmitted, appropriated by any expectator

Both performance and protest seek to manifest a statement through the presence of the body within a context that becomes transversal to the action. Both mediums, seek to get out of the framework of representation because they take place at a determined time and a place and dialogue one to one with the present realities.

The performance consists in carrying out a one-person-protest that claims the lack of protests- A protest for the yet nonexistent protests. Through the contact with the passers-by walkers, the action examines how the action of protesting is perceived. In some cases, it is taken to the narcissistic side - a device to attract attention, in others, as something you would do while you are drunk. When exhibited The installation includes boxes in case others are encouraged to express their reasons for protest. Metaprotesting is a video documentation of an action developed in The Netherlands in 2016.

Metaprotesting Metaprotesting Metaprotesting Metaprotesting

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