Daniela Medina Poch ■

Mutterland / Vaterland

Mutterland / Vaterland Photo Performance and Printed Tablecloth 100 x 70 cm Collaboration with Juan Pablo García Sossa Berlin, 2018
Beyond the Dönner CLB Berlin, 2018 FLORA Ars+Natura Open Studios Bogotá, 2018

Which transnational identities could define present Berlin?
A nation, the putrefaction of a nation, and at the end a fertile ground for a transnation, a changing identity built through the interactions of all people inhabiting the territory.

Mutterland / Vatterland is the result of a collective dinner that took place in Berlin in Summer 2018, where local immigrant friends and acquaintances gathered to envision new transnational dishes, taking food as an excuse to talk about national identity and the need to redefine it including all communities now inhabiting the territory.

With the leftover food - which included corn, dates, banana flower, yam, yucca and other foreign ingredients - we wrote the word Nation on the ground of a forest in Berlin, Germany. We then waited for the forest to devour the term. Maybe, some other plants might eventually emerge.

Here you can check Beyond The Döner

Mutterland Vaterland Mutterland Vaterland Mutterland Vaterland Mutterland Vaterland

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