Daniela Medina Poch ■

No One Knows

Nadie Sabe

No One Knows Embroidered veil and carved side-walk pieces Bogota, Colombia 2018

A white veil curtain that exceeds its size, contains the phrase "Ud No Sabe Quién Soy Yo” (You don't know who I am) embroidered in white thread. In front of it, several fragments of sidewalks found in the street, which make up the phrase "Ni Yo Tampoco” (Neither do I Know).

Exploring various modes of territorial demarcation and combining materials that allude to public and private space, both phrases shape a dialogue with voices that answer each other, from outwards to inwards and vice versa. The work seeks to reflect on the relationship between territory and identity, referring to the fact, already naturalized, that power in Colombia has historically been based on the denial of a collective local identity.

Nadie Sabe Nadie Sabe Nadie Sabe Nadie Sabe

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