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Red Riera Baixa

Red Riera Baixa Social Sculpture and video register In collaboration with Juan Pablo Caicedo KYCTO Duration: 4 months Barcelona, 2015

Riera Baixa is a street of the Raval neighborhood in Barcelona, ​​a neighborhood formerly known as “the Chinese neighborhood” that has hosted a large number of immigrants and has been the epicenter of urban renewal and gentrification models typical of post-metropolis, a neoliberal model of urban management, characteristic of Barcelona. 47.4% of its population was born abroad, ranging from all South America, Pakistanis and Filipinos, to a more recent Eastern European community, especially from Romania. While living and studying in the neighborhood, we noticed its narrow streets where intimacy is generated due to proximity. Intimacy exists in terms of smelling what the other is cooking, listening to the music she/he enjoys before sleeping and observing which clothes she/he washed, but we soon found out there isn't a collective medium of communication within the neighbors.

RED Riera Baixa begins with the objective of generating questions about the notions of community in a globalized environment. Through the use of non-conventional mechanisms, we intend to generate communication routes in the urban environment of El Raval. The mechanism is simple: a pulley connecting the balconies of the apartments. We started the communication talking about our territory of origin and the reasons why we had arrived in Barcelona, ​​thus building narrative threads of the local, the global and again the local, understanding that we might not only share street and neighborhood, but also other circumstances.

RedRiera Baixa RedRiera Baixa RedRiera Baixa
RedRiera Baixa RedRiera Baixa RedRiera Baixa RedRiera Baixa

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