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Tutorial Burka

Tutorial Burka Video 1:06” Barcelona, 2013 Exhibited at Gallería Olivart, Barcelona, 2014 Galería Nómada, LOOP Festival, Barcelona, 2015

Exploring alternative concepts for an urban portable shelter, I came across burkas, and thanks to my friend Sultana, I learned how to do my own. In an era of over exposure and filters where surveillance is becoming normalised, emerges Tutorial: Burka for non muslims. Through this tutorial, the niqab is portrayed as an element of urban camouflage that anyone could use.

The niqab is examined as an ordinary formal element, as an easy-to-wear garment that could be worn at any time when there is a need to go anonymous. Following the footsteps of Burka for non-Muslims you will have access to this attire in your daily life.

The tutorial was posted to YouTube where it is next to other tutorials and has generated some reactions.

Tutorial Burka Tutorial Burka Tutorial Burka Tutorial Burka

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