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United Stater

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In using a broad term as 'American' to describe the citizen of the United States, there is a risk of exclusion towards the Americas in the Northern, Central and Southern hemisphere of the continent.

This work of art is a word proposal that was sent to the Oxford and Merriam-Webster Dictionary as a campaign to promote a dictionary addition to correct the fact that America is not a country but a whole continent. The proposal stated that 'American' should be replaced for 'Unitedstater'.

​As a response both Meriam Webster and Oxford Dictionary replied that before adding a word to one of their dictionaries they have to see evidence that it is widely used in print or online. Their advice was to write to the main local editors promoting the term. Since then, the project has had different phases:

​2015: In Alicia Framis Studio, in front of the U.S. Consulate in Amsterdam, I presented the proposal in a dictionary format and the petitions to the Dutch newspapers, in the attempt to bring the term to life.

​2017: Then Excelsior Newspaper from Mexico published an article on it.

2019: the term was added to Wikipedia,
but it only lasted for 4 days. It was torn down upon the idea that it attempted over the idea of the American Nation.

2020: a dataset shows where Wikipedia Editors come from

UnitedStater UnitedStater UnitedStater UnitedStater
UnitedStater UnitedStater

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